Metal Braces
Metal braces are by far the most common appliance used by orthodontists today. They are made of surgical grade stainless steel and provide the orthodontist with a very accurate and easy-to-use attachment to each tooth. Today’s metal braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive than metal braces of the past.

Ceramic Braces
Patients who prefer a less visible appliance may choose ceramic brackets. While these brackets may be less noticeable, they are slightly bulkier and are more fragile than metal brackets, and they will discolor if oral hygiene is not adequate. Ceramic brackets are most popular with adult patients.

Clear Aligners (“Invisible Braces”)
A series of custom-fit clear plastic aligners can be used to correct some orthodontic problems. The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks, moving your teeth step-by-step into straighter positions. These aligners are popular because they are easy to wear and very esthetic. Unfortunately, they do not provide as much control over tooth movement as conventional braces so their applications are more limited


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